A very good product to use to solve your ED issues -
Frank, Kallang

Tried the product for fun and it works rather well -
Teo, Marsiling

Have tried this product several times already and my issues with ED are not around anymore -
Jermaine, Clementi

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Zulkilfi, Boon Lay

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Welcome To Official Bulus Oil Site

Bulus Oil is a product from Java in Indonesia that has been used by natives in the jungles of Java. The oil comes from the Bulus (tortoise fat). The tortoise fat are grounded and boiled. The oil is then filtered and drained to produce the high quality Bulus Oil product. This Bulus oil from Java is clear and without the black spots as sold elsewhere.

The purpose of this product is basically to help the user to increase both length and girth of his penis as well as for ED (Erectile Dysfunction). This is a product whereby it is used you will feel that you are able to impress your partner in bed. This product will allow both you and your partner to bring sexual experience to the next frontier. She will enjoy and look forward to encounters with you again as no one else will ever come close to that kind of size.

Another use of Bulus Oil is also to provide a help as well as to prevent ED(Erectile Dysfunction). The oil when applied just before sex gives an effect of being harder for more than usual.

Bulus Oil is a catalyst in which it helps to increase the length as well as girth of your penis. The Bulus Oil needs to be applied with an exercise called Jelqing. A youtube video will be provided on the exact instructions when a purchase is made. You will be able to see an increase in length and girth of your penis within 60 - 90 days of usage of the Bulus Oil.

The best thing about Bulus Oil it is made totally organically and thus it has no side effects at all to all its users. Price is S$55/100ml or S$75 for 200ml. The price is in singapore dollars and it comes in an 100ml bottle. We can personally guarantee this will be the best experience of your life as we have even used it ourselves.